Here lie the Random Mutterings of an Obsessive.

My super power is the ability to become passionate to the point of obsessive over any little thing that may grab my attention. If I love something, I don’t just love it, I adore it, worship at it’s alter, live it, breathe it and let it consume me 24/7. Is this healthy? Probably not, but I’ve learned to accept that it’s who I am and I kid myself it’s an “endearing” quality, much to my Twitter followers’ dismay.

This blog was started in an attempt to join the 2010 #oneaday project, an effort to write one blog every day for 365 days. If you read it, you’ll see I failed. It was not all failure though, I learnt that there are actually “other” people out there who enjoy my writing style, and so, although I failed at #oneaday, I did continue sporadically blogging. Something I had never really done before.

This year I am going to participate in #oneaday again. This time the rules are not so strict, and a committment to a blog a week is the one I have made, although I hope to blog more often than that. Another feature of #oneaday this year, is to raise money and awareness for two charities, Cancer Research UK, via a Just Giving page, and my personal favourite, To Write Love on Her Arms, a charity to help those who suffer with depression and self harm, which you can help by clinking through a series of sponsored links.

Although I will probably digress along the way, the main subject matter of my blog will be that of my first and most enduring obsession, music.

You can find out more about #oneaday here and if you like what you read here, or from the other participants, consider donating a little money, or spending a little quality time with your mouse and a bunch of adverts.


5 Responses to “About”

  1. Christopher Says:

    I hope you’ll take this in the manner in which it’s intended. I think you could have a very real and lasting impact if you were to write about things more pressing. Your style, wit and ability to evoke a meaningful emotional response are traits of a very solid leader. You could really make a difference in some people’s lives with your writing.

    I’m sure you already do with your personal interaction. I’m just saying that your blog could really reach even more people and you have a lot to say and an excellent way of saying it.

  2. Cider Says:

    Well thank you for the kind words.

    I’m not sure I’m interested in or knowledgeable enough to start political blogging. I have my opinions, sure enough, and some of them very strong ones, but I never find that these come across very well in written format. I think it is easier and far more beneficial to express these opinions and leave them open to discussion in the spoken word, rather than the written.

    Not that I won’t have a rant or two along the way, if something comes up that irks me, like the topic for tomorrow’s blog. But I think in the main, I will lean towards light entertainment and easy reading.

  3. Christopher Says:

    Err… Political? How about philosophical or practical? Or self-improvement? I know from reading your words that you have a heck of a lot of real-world life experience that many people, myself included, would be very greateful for having shared.

    I’ll say please if I have to.

  4. Cider Says:

    I’m not sure I’m ready or willing to share such things, or that they work well in blog form. But, hell, tweet something you wanna know, I’ll try my best to accomodate if I can.

  5. Sharon Markum Says:

    Thx for information.

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