My latest binge watching adventure has been How To Get Away With Murder (ABC).

On first glance it wouldn’t be something that I would normally watch. I am not a fan of procedurals. I like my drama slightly more supernatural, with plot lines and stuff. I watch Bones, because David Boreanaz, and I have fallen in love with the characters. In fact, I love the show BECAUSE the characters and their stories take more of a centre stage than the “monster of the week”, in this case, dead-guy’s-remains-found-in-icky-circumstances of the week. I enjoy Castle, because Nathan Fillion, but it doesn’t draw me the way that Bones does and can be quite hit and miss. The ensemble cast are horrendously neglected in favour of focus on the two main protagonists. Those two shows right there, are plenty enough procedural for me. Comments about this show had peaked my interest though and, at a loose end, I decided to give it a go, and I wasn’t disappointed.

Firstly, Charlie Weber, as in Ben is Glory? I confess I would not have recognised him with his full beard if I hadn’t seen his name in the opening credits. Other recognisable (to me) faces are Matt McGorry from Orange is the New Black and Alfred Enoch, most famously from the Harry Potter series of films, but I had happened to have JUST seen him in a Broadchurch binge watch I had just completed.

The story revolves around a defence lawyer who is also a university professor, and five handpicked students who compete to come up with defence solutions for her live ongoing court cases. These cases are the “monster of the week”, with a different case to be solved each episode. This alone would make for a dull show for me. None of the characters are particularly appealing to me, although they are varied and defined, albeit Viola Davis gives a spectacular performance as defence lawyer, Annaliese Keating. Alongside the monster of the week, runs the story of a murder, committed and being covered up by the students, and told in “flash-forward” scenes that are smattered throughout each episode, not necessarily in order of occurrence, and sometimes repeated with only a snippet of new information included.

It doesn’t stop there, there is another running plotline, that of a murdered missing girl, Lilah, a friend of one of the students neigbours, Rebecca who is also one of the main suspects for the murder, and becomes a client of Annaliese (and, therefore, the group).

These two stories roll along nicely alongside the monster of the week plot gradually coming together until episode 9, where they all meet in a pretty impressive episode with an awesome reveal at the end.

It takes something to keep me interested in a show where I don’t really relate to, or fall for any of the characters. Doesn’t have to be the main character, I have watched whole series where I have really disliked or not cared for the main character of a show, just because I am in love with the sidekick. Characters are what draw me to a TV show, a good story is basically just a bonus, and usually great characters come with great storylines. I am certainly glad I stuck with this without having any character favourites to draw me in. I can’t wait to continue watching.