I dropped out of college because I didn’t have any money for gig tickets, clothes, CDs, going out with friends. I had to sit by and turn down invitations to parties because I had no money. I had to watch all my friends doing all the things I wanted to do but couldn’t, because I had no money. There was no EMA then. Maybe if I had had EMA I would have stayed in college. Instead I dropped out. I got a job.I went to parties and gigs, I bought CDs and clothes.

Now I am 40 and being made redundant, my experience relates only to an industry that is no longer hiring people. I have no qualifications to fall back on. So I will sign on the dole (or whatever you cool kids are calling it these days) and join the ranks of the unemployed, while all you guys who are glad to see the back of EMA will be paying my benefits (a lot more than £30.00 a week). Thanks.

Yes it was my choice to drop out of college, I didn’t have to, I could have stuck it out, but imagine just for a minute how lonely it is in a room full of people chatting about parties or gigs you haven’t been to, CDs or clothes you couldn’t buy.

I don’t know much about EMA, it has come and gone after my time, but I know if I had £30.00 a week when I was in college, my life would be very very different right now.

Disclaimer: This is just my story, my point of view. There are many people to whom EMA is essential to just get to college, buy books and other essentials, whilst there are others who will spend it on one lipstick alone.