Sleep: very uninteresting until you don’t have it, and then suddenly it’s all you can think about and the less chance you seem to have of getting any.

I’ve been averaging about 4 hours a night for at least the last two weeks, and it’s not fun. By Saturday I had to use precious annual leave from work and come home as I could barely stand or focus anymore, and still I somehow could not manage to stay asleep for more than 4 hours at a time. By Tuesday I was so desperate I took an old (and probably out of date) sleeping pill I found even though I knew that the reason they were still lying at the bottom of a drawer was that they make me feel like a zombie the next day. At that point, zombie was a step up from how I was feeling.

I think I managed about 6 hours and felt gross for the next two days. I am just hoping that the doctor will give me some of the good stuff when I see her on Monday, and then my blogs will become much more interesting than this one. Until then I am going to stare distractedly at a gif someone sent me of Brandon Flowers and his delicious hands for the rest of my mealbreak.