From an early age Emma was interested in music, her walls plastered with pictures of pop stars for as long as anyone could remember. As she grew into a teen, her early experiences on the stage with her dance group gave her a taste for acting and she performed in various youth theatres until real life took over.

She led an unextaordinary life, working in administrative and customer service positions for Yorkshire Water for 9 years and then moving on to a more exciting career with West Yorkshire Police. During this time she met and married her husband, Carl, and settled into home life and indulged in her passion for travelling with extended trips to Thailand and Sri Lanka among others. In 2004 her life was turned upside when she became ill with ME/CFS, and although she beat this once debilitating disease, it left it’s scars. At the age of 40, Emma found herself facing unemployment when the infamous government cut backs of 2010 left her redundant from the job she had made her career. This was the real turning point in her life.

Seeking new adventure and a new career, Emma spent time in several countries teaching English, her experiences led to the publication of her first novel, Cider’s Adventures, which was widely acclaimed and quickly became a best seller.

Emma found inspiration in the few remaining remote places of the world, often disappearing for months on end, emerging with a manuscript in hand, she always kept her hideouts secret for fear public interest would ruin them. Her success as a writer eventually led to her own travel programme, Emma’s Adventures, on iChannel 483, and she even appeared as a guest star on several cult TV shows of the time.

The list of her achievements and awards is long and well documented, what is not so well known is the record company she formed, Cider’s Sounds, dedicated solely to young upcoming bands, some of whom became the sounds of the 20s and 30s and are fondly remembered even today.

Aged 75, Emma finally retired to her dream home in Thailand, where she resumed teaching, founding her own school for the hill tribes teaching them the skills to keep up with the ever changing technological world they had previously had no use for.

Emma was discovered dead last night age 125, in her beach villa in Thailand where she had lived for the last 50 years. Her iChip7 revealed she had been dancing to the popular old noughties band, The Killers, when she apparently slipped and fell.

She leaves no loved ones behind.