Yesterday was my first day back at my regular place of work since everyone found out whether and where they had a job. For months there’s been rumour, speculation and uncertainty at work, a general sense of doom and a complete lack of morale.

Although there’s a good percentage of people that got the positions, locations and teams that they wanted, inevitably there are those that are unhappy with their lot, especially those that have found themselves with redundancy notices.

Much like my own personal feelings though, it is as if a weight has been lifted, people are coming to terms with the situation, the mood has lightened and there is solidarity and sympathy between the haves and have nots. For the first time in months it is a happy place to work. In typical British style, we are using humour to mask the horrors.

There is still much uncertainty though, those with jobs have been offered them on a “provisional” basis, those without have the right of appeal. The scoring system used to determine where on the “list” you place, and therefore whether you get the job you want, or a job at all, seems to have fooled those tasked with calculating scores. As does simple mathematics. Mistakes are already coming to light, and things could change drastically for some people, myself included.

For the record, I have not been offered a job and have been formally warned that I am at risk of being made redundant. Unlikely most in my position, I am fairly happy with this decision and ready to move on to pastures new.