A look through some old pictures the other day gave me an idea for a “lazy day blog”. So here it is, Cider through the ages. Not the drink, me.

At thirteen I had thespian ambitions, I still think one day, when I grow up, I’ll get into that acting thing. Here I am in the starring role, as Alice.

How a year can change you, at 14 I was sporting a spikey “do” and a Sid Vicious t-shirt

Moving on to 17 and I had added a bottle of cider, and a bottle of bleach to the outfit. Just to be clear, it’s the cider I’m drinking.

At 18, there were boys. Hint: There were probably boys before this time.

A rare photo of me in a dress, aged 19

By 21, the hair had calmed down, the clothing not so much

At 24 I met Carl, ran away to Gambia and met another man named Carl, and his village elder.

By 30 those bottles of cider were starting to leave their mark. This was my leaving do from my last job.

33 and what a difference quitting the booze makes.

At 35, after 11 years the original Carl and I eloped to Cuba

At 39, I found myself in Egypt about to celebrate my 40th birthday.

And today, at 40, there’s clearly no danger of me ever growing up.