Waking up on uber-giddy mode I hit the gym early and got back home in time for a quick shower and a pre final ticket check, before heading to the train station. Being the paranoid type I had to check my tickets once again before setting off, and for once it paid off, a gaping hole had appeared in the section of my bag where I keep my tickets. Phew.

The first part of the journey was uneventful enough, but on getting to Preston, some inconsiderate bastard had decided to throw himself under a train causing delays all across the network. To cap it all, when I got to my seat, some old hag and taken it upon herself to ignore the “reserved” sign and avail herself of my it. The seat next to her was empty, and she was elderly so I was nice enough to not throw her out, even though it meant I wasn’t at the seat with the plug so I couldn’t use my laptop.

So I got myself settled in and she tutted and started complaining to her husband who was putting away the bags that I had taken his seat! I pointed out the reserved sign and my ticket which shut her up.

We travelled through the gorgeous but mostly 3G-less scenery and I found myself in Glasgow a half hour after I should have been. Here I met up with my host, after telling him I was waiting by the station bar, only for him to point out there were four! Well, was in Scotland after all. After a brief stop to drop my stuff off and freshen up, we headed out to meet Amy and Fiona for dinner (my first and only meal of the day) and drinks.

The next morning I awoke at 6am after only 4 hours sleep, but soon drifted back off to an assortment of very vivid dreams in which I missed the gig in every way possible and Grant had various combinations of cats!

My alarm roused me and I was up, ready and in Glasgow for about 11:30 where I went looking for coffee, food, sharpies and a toilet! Having found all four I headed to the 02 about three quarters of an hour after I had wanted to be there. A queue had already formed, and I took my place and was soon chatting away with some fellow victims.

Shortly after I got there, the Brandon bus arrived to much excitement and we all ran around the back of the venue to say hi. He got off the bus wearing my favourite hoody under denim jacket outfit (I like my men casual), looking gorgeous, gave us a wave and a smile and headed straight into the venue, and we went back to join the queue, which looked to have diminished somewhat. After about an hour and a half we learnt why. Some of the queue had stayed round the back and were rewarded with a brief appearance from Brandon where he took pictures and signed autographs.

The excitement over we settled in for the long, cold wait in one of the less enchanting areas of Glasgow, passed repeatedly by more and more drunken Scotland supporters as there was a game against Spain that day.

We broke the boredom, and warmed ourselves with a trip to McDonald to use the toilets at around four and then the excitement and countdown to doors opening began.

At this point I’d like to give a shout out to my new Scottish Victim buddies who shared my little spot of shivering, April and Aillie (which is so not how you spell her name but it involves d’s and g’s and would only confuse you all). Sorry I never got to say goodbye, it was awesome to meet you.

As the time for doors opening got nearer and nearer the shutters were opened and we stared menacingly at security in the cold, while they started menacingly back at us from the warmth. Finally they let us in and we made a dash for the barrier amidst shouts for us to take is slowly. Bollocks to taking it slowly, I waited almost 6 hours in the cold, I’m not having my barrier spot gazumped by someone who just got there.

I just made it to the barrier, to the right side (Brandon’s left), just shy of the speakers and the second, much warmer, wait began. The excitement built as the dry ice poured out, the lights dimmed and support band, Transfer, came on. They came out with two brilliant songs, but the rest was really quite mediocre and they were very, very loud. The sound system at Glasgow 02 is nowhere near as good as the one at Leeds, the music was often distorted, especially from my position so near the speakers, which I’ve never experienced at Leeds.

Transfer were soon done and Brandon didn’t keep us waiting too long. The crowd went wild, their 2 thousand strong roar as he took the stage could rival any 20,000 stadium cheer and then some. I have to admit, by this time the built up excitement and anticipation and waiting had got to me and I actually screamed, yes screamed as appeared so damn near in front of me. Never in my life and all that.

The crowd were fantastic and Brandon had a huge grin on his face as we all sang On the Floor back to him, definitely one of the best atmospheres I have experienced at a gig, and I know Leeds will be a little disappointing after that, cos they’re usually quite a reserved crowd there. Brandon and his band belted out those little songs, the quieter songs were amped up and they really pumped out those rockier ones.

Brandon was in his element, strutting around the stage, standing on the amps, and clambering up onto boxes placed at either side of the stage for that very purpose. His enthusiasm on stage is infectious and it’s a joy to see how much he loves it up there, it’s not cocky or egocentric, just a pure love of what he does and pleasure in giving pleasure. He’s a crowd pleaser for sure and it was his performance on stage (and the energy the whole band put in) that lead to my Killers obsession in the first place. Damn you Brandon.

I caught his eye a couple of times as he scanned the crowd and was blessed with a grin as I gleefully sang his words back at him.. My spot seemed to be a good one as he seemed to gravitate more to that side, as the backing singers were on the other side, and during Swallow It, he knelt right in front of me as he sang the chorus, oh hell yeah!

It was over all too soon and he came out for the encore to play the acoustic version of When You Were Young, which is just amazing as 2000 people can be heard singing in unison with Brandon’s delicious voice on this slowed down version of one of the Killers’ more aggressive songs. A little different from when its The Killers last song, but it’s up there with the crowd singing “I got Soul” during All These Things That I’ve Done.

The Clock Was A Tickin’ was on the set list for the encore, but he missed it out, probably because of time, the support band were quite late coming on.

As the lights came back on I headed for the toilet, but the security would not let us use it and I couldn’t find the merchandise store, so it was back out in the cold and another wait outside. I made straight for the back, where a group of us gathered to wait patiently and ignore security telling us he wasn’t coming out. Yeah right, the bus is right there dudes, how’s he gonna get to it, teleport?

After about an hour and a half we were rewarded as he came out and spent a minute or so with the few of us that were left. There wasn’t the time for everyone to get a picture, or even a chat as he was soon whisked away, but I got my CD signed and was in the presence of awesome for a minute. Good enough for me, until tonight anyway.

I met some lovely, lovely people outside that night, all really chatty and friendly, special shout out to Becky and her awesome pink flamingo feathers dress and the lovely couple who flagged down a taxi for me. I didn’t get the rest of your names, but this English foreigner was made to feel very welcome up there in Scotland and I’d pick there over London for another gig any day.