Due to the recent inclement weather and a hefty work out at the gym yesterday, I found myself with no dry gym kit to wear today. Not to be deterred, I pulled on a two piece swim suit and stuck my DVD in. Some ungodly force in me decided this would be a great time to work out in front of a mirror, to check I was doing everything correctly. The experience was erm… educational.

Here are the 8 things I learnt working out in front of a mirror while scantily clad.

1. That stomach that looks pretty firm when your sucking it in in front of the mirror? Not quite so firm when you’re doing star jumps (jumping jacks for those across the pond). No sir. This is actually quite motivational (500 more sit ups now!) but not so much with the confidence boost when you’ve been convincing yourself you’re “happy with your weight”.

2. My press ups (push ups) are way better form than I thought they were. Go me.

3. My puny wrists and hands don’t look nearly as awesome as Buffy’s (equally, if not more, puny wrists and hands) when punching. I guess it really is all in the sound effects.

4. On the other hand my huge muscular legs heft a pretty convincing kick, if you ignore the broken feet dangling on the end of them.

5. There is no way to look attractive while doing a “military lift”.

6. I’m way bendier than I should be.

7. My tattoos really are awesome.

8. Always carry a dictaphone when working out, so you can remember all the amusing things you thought of blogging when you’re done.

All in all, I don’t think my poor, broken, 40 year old body is doing so bad, but it may be a while before I work out in front of a mirror again.