27/05/2010 – The Last Day of my Youth.

On the penultimate night of my youth, and after a very tiring but spectacular trip, I finally had a really, really good night’s sleep. Which, was timely, as the next couple of days would be filled with a hefty amount of very tiring awesomeness.

The last day of my youth was spent lazing by one pool or another. We checked out the facilities at our sister hotel and hung out by the much more lively pool there for a while, helped along by some lovely cool drinks that the bartenders slosh into your glass with the giddy abandon of, ‘it’s not my money’. We had lunch there and then sauntered down to our own pool, where the drinks still flowed and the conversation with it.

As it drew in towards evening, the hottest wind I have ever experienced came blasting out of the desert, hitting our bare (and a little sunburned) backs like a furnace. We were later to learn that this was the product of a sandstorm inland, evidenced by the usually clear and bright sky giving off something of a hazy, sandy glow. Still I stayed out drinking and chatting and marveling at the hot wind, I made many a friend that lasted the holiday on that particular afternoon.

When the bar finally shut and there was nothing left to stay outside for, we returned to the room to shower and change for the evening, the winds were still blowing and raising the temperature as we retired early to our lovely air conditioned room to try and fit in a few hours sleep before our ridiculously early start for Cairo in the morning.