Here I am back from my holiday, looking slightly bronzed and marveling at the lovely English weather. What is this strange wet stuff coming from the sky?

Whilst I was away, I wrote something of a travel journal so I could share all my wonderful adventures with you. Unfortunately, on the very last day, something leaked in my bag destroying half my notebook. Darn pen and paper, so fragile. Give me papyrus any day, some of that stuff has lasted millenia. Hopefully I will be able to decipher enough of what remains to make some kind of sense of it. If not, then I will just post some hieroglyphics and pictures.

I had the foresight to write my first blog on my iPhone on the plane, which was then safely stashed away in a safe deposit box for the remainder of the holiday. The iPhone, not the plane. Clearly.

So here it is.


On the day that we were to leave for our holiday to Egypt, what I believe to be a televisual first occurred. The series finale of Lost aired simultaneously in the US, Canada and the UK. I rarely watch TV in real time, preferring to watch in my own time and skip the adverts, but this I would have loved to be a part of. Rising at or staying up until 5am, however, was not gonna happen when I had to be on the road to the airport at 9.30, so we decided to watch later.

Unfortunately, we didn’t realise just how long an episode it would be and so didn’t leave enough time for a full viewing. We have maybe the last 20 minutes still to watch. Gosh darn it if anyone spoils me before I get to see it I’ll Egyptian curse them so hard. (Note: no one has – don’t start now.)

After a little duty free shopping we had plenty of time for a cocktail in the bar before boarding and everything went smoothly and to time. We’d snagged extra leg room seats and hired PSPs to entertain us, but boy it’s been a long time since I flew economy. What no individual TV’s and choice of movies. Pish. How do the lower classes survive.

It was a beautiful clear day meaning spectacular views of the world from my 37,000 feet vantage point. Glancing out of the window just before lunch I was fortunate to catch this most stunning view of the alps, alpsI believe the Italian side of them, and a little later some lovely coastal views, later still the most brilliant sunset I have ever seen.

Lunch though, really, it’s bad enough being cooped up on a plane without being served bread and pasta. Vegetarians can eat other things you know.. Way to make one’s journey bloated and uncomfortable. I eat about half of it and will no doubt be starving when we arrive late at the hotel with everything shut. (Note: they laid us on a late dinner, the darlings).

So that’s my trip so far. Still in the air, a couple of hours from landing, scheduled to arrive a half hour early, listening to The Killers, sipping wine and Baileys and typing this into my iPhone. Kind of wish I could blog as I go, but I am determined to stick with my no outside world contact rule whilst on holiday.

Back to the crazier by the minute adventures of Sookie Stackhouse it is then.

Views from the top of the world.

sunset sunset sunset