My day yesterday was so packed with fun-filled awesomeness that I couldn’t fit in a little bloggy anywhere. So here is my blog for yesterday.

Waking up just before my alarm as usual, I had that normal comfortable feeling of being in own bed, which was strange because I was certain I had gone to sleep in a hotel room. Opening my eyes revealed that I hadn’t suddenly been transported home against my will.

I bounced out of bed and hit the gym, which was blissfully empty, for a quick session before getting ready to go and meet Rhiarti in leafy Surrey. The journey was pretty uneventful, and we hit all our connections in time, to find Rhiarti waiting for us at the station, and not even looking like she had hurried to meet us.

This was Carl’s first time, there so we thought it only right that we showed him the local sights of the Post Office and chemist before hitting the pub, where Carl started planning his invasion (first target, Rhiarti’s place of work).

This little pub is gorgeous, so different from most of the local pubs back at home. The menu, while not extensive, has restaurant quality food with presentation to match. Very different from the standard pie and peas fare in the locals back home.

After lunch the sun made an appearance and we went for a stroll around the very accessible countryside and suddenly found ourselves in the little French cake shop on the main street. Not sure how that happened, but as we were there we felt obliged to have cake. Horrid, horrid cake with chocolately chocolately chocolateness. Ugh.

The sun still being around, and not being in any hurry to leave, we ended the evening in a beer garden, and the time to get back on the train came around all too quickly. The afterglow of an awesome day soon broken by the reality of the forthcoming election results hitting.

The whole thing is far too depressing for me to even contemplate blogging about now, suffice to say that I am at least thankful I voted by post and avoided being stuck in a queue of people who were denied that right courtesy, of extreme bad planning.