One of the reasons I enjoy my job, despite my moaning, grumbling and general whininess about it most days, is that there can be days (well nights) like yesterday. Nothing if not varied.

I turned up to work in an inordinate amount of good mood. It was my last night at work before 10 days off which will be filled with funpacked awesomeness. Just a measly 10 hours and I would be free.

It wasn’t long before my happy turned to extreme amounts of stress. My job as police dispatcher can be very stressful, but the job related stress is something I usually thrive on. It’s computer-rage I struggle with, more and more so as the force keep deciding to replace perfectly good, if in need of an upgrade or two, software with brand new software that is seriously not fit for purpose. Like our command and control system that doesn’t allow multi-tasking because, in the police, we just deal with one job at a time. Added to this, is the new mapping system that any training sessions for have been scheduled during the day. I work nights. Yeah, it’s not hard to work out, but a little time to find my way around it before I have to give someone some vital information fast would be nice.

I took a little break to clear my head and when I came back, my colleague had allowed three walkers to go missing out on the Pennine Way. I immediately snapped out of it and was suddenly all business again. It’s for this kind of thing that I joined the job, it’s dealing with this sort of thing that makes me feel like I am doing something worth while. Organising, coordinating and providing communications for the search took several hours (and conveniently, considerable use of the mapping system giving me the opportunity to play with it) and thankfully we found them safe and well, if a little cold and hungry within that time. We went back to the usual business of dealing with drunken foolishness.

Towards the end of the evening we went out to deal with a lady who had reported an assault. On speaking to the lady, the officers found that she had been a little neglectful with her medication and was hallucinating. She told the officers she had been assaulted by vampires, her lack of neck wound aroused their suspicion and so she produced the photographic evidence, which was, the officer relayed to me over the radio, inconclusive. I advised him I would hold off on beeping Buffy until we were clear that there was an apocalypse at hand. And so, the evening came full circle and ended as it had started; me in a good mood and tripping down the office cheerily announcing that I would see everyone in a couple of weeks.

Let the funpacked awesomeness commence.