Dear Calltaker,

I know your job is stressful and demanding, and that there is a lot of
pressure to finish your current call and get on with the next. Hey, here’s
a little game you can play to liven up your day. How about, trying your
best to find the correct address for your caller? Sound like fun? There
are only a few simple rules and your computer system can help you with

Firstly, try and slip into the conversation a question about where the
caller is at this time. It?s sounding like fun already, huh? When they
tell you, enter that into the address line on the computer and hit return.
If the fields are all automatically filled in, you get 1 point. Well done.

But, and here’s the fun part, if the line turns red, this means that the
system does not recognize the address. This is because a) the address does
not exist, b) the address has been spelled wrong or misheard c) it’s a
brand new house which is not yet on the system. 10 points if you question
the caller further to extract this information from them.

Point to note: It doesn’t matter how much garble you put on the log or how
urgent a call it may be, without a correct address we’re not going to get
to that person in time. It’s on YOUR head if they die.

Lots of love

Ranty McRant.

PS. Barnsley is not in West Yorkshire.