I’m sitting at work and the main computer system has crashed. The one that tells us what jobs we have outstanding to do, what jobs are being dealt with and the who, what and where of our officers. Yup, we’re a little stuck.

In this world ruled by technology we suddenly find ourselves staring at a blank screen when our computers fail us. These days, there isn’t even any filing or other general pottering about to do. Fine, if you work in a bank, or a call centre, just put your feet up and mechanically repeat “Sorry, our systems are down, can you call back later” to every caller. Unfortunately, “I’m very sorry there’s an axe wielding maniac in your house, but could you call back later please?” doesn’t quite cut it.

Somehow, we have to carry on providing a service without the tools we rely on to do our job. On a Friday night. At club kicking out time. The problem is, those taking the bulk of the calls are in a completely different building to those of us who are dealing with those calls. So emails are flying from one room to the the other and supervisor are running around the room dishing jobs out on pieces of paper which we are having to use strange implements called ‘pens’ to make marks on. It’s all very Life on Mars.