Back in the good old days when games consoles went by the names of Sega Megadrive and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, I shared my home with a lovely creature who answered to the name of Stevie. I also shared some of my time with a man who swore by his SuperNES (which he lovingly referred to as Snessie) while I swore by my Sega Megadrive (which I lovingly referred to as Sega Megadrive).  Many an argument was had.

Now before I tell the rest of this story, I must explain that I am something of a casual gamer. I game for entertainment, it’s not life or death to me, if I’m not having fun, then I’m not doing it. Most of the men in my life have been ‘life or death’ gamers, including this particular one. For instance, a friend and I once found that in the two player version of Street Fighter 2, instead of beating on the bad guys, you could beat on each other. This amused us no end, and annoyed the life out of said man. The more it annoyed him, the more it amused us. This was in no way a match made in heaven. I should have dated my friend. We probably should have been playing Tekken.

Back to the story; one day, Snessie came for a visit, and my fella spent his time devotionally playing away on some game or other whilst I devotionally mocked him for it.

The main thing I remember about Snessie, was that she was a bulky white looking thing (as opposed to my sleek black megadrive) and had a rather large on/off button on the top.

An outstanding feature of Stevie was that he was pretty much a one-girl cat. He was almost canine in his devotion to me and his hatred of ‘everyone else’, especially if they appeared to be getting more of my attention.

Just as Mr. Snessie got past a particularly tricky part o f the game, and remember there was no saving your game in those days, once you lost all your lives, you started from the beginning, Stevie casually walked across Snessie, putting all his weight on the aforementioned large on/off button, cutting the game short. Boy did I laugh. Mr. Snessie did… something else. As I said, not a match made in heaven.

Stevie left us 6 years ago now at the age of 13, the only other person he ever really took to was my husband. Little guy had good taste. I still miss him every single day.