It has been an awful, dull, dreary, depressing day. From being rudely awoken by royal mail, to the snow starting to fall again, to the complications of trying to log in to Click and Buy, to going back to work, it all added up for to a very grumpy girl. And, if my Twitter feed was anything to go by, I wasn’t alone. It’s nearing the end of what has appeared to be a longer, colder and darker winter than usual and spring really is showing no signs of being sprung any time soon. I admit it’s getting to me, it’s worn me down, as it always does by this time of year, and I’m finding it really difficult to be cheerful, or even make this blog worth the reading. I have had more than enough of the cold, and the miserable and I’d just like to feel the warmth of the sun on my face again.

My beloved Twitter never fails me though, and there were two bright sparks to this horrid horrid day. And here they are: Whichever one suits your taste, please enjoy, and if you are one of the masses of depressed, I hope it cheers you up. If neither of these pictures has the desired effect; why are you even reading my blog? Get thee away from me, heathen!