This blog is not going to be a witty anecdote, or an amusing tale of work-related antics, and it’s probably not going to even be written very well. I make no apologies.

Today I am angry and I am going to rant, so please feel free to leave now.

Today I have had to take what should have been a perfectly healthy young cat to the vets to be put to sleep, because whoever thought fit to allow the cat to be brought into this world could not be bothered to take proper care of it.

This fellow, and his rather large brother, have been making use of our home for food and shelter for the last month or so, but Sunday morning was the first time he did not scarper on our discovery of him in the house. Instead he allowed me to approach and pet him, and then settled himself down to sleep on our bed settee. This was when I noticed how ill he had become since we first saw his backend disappearing out the cat flap some weeks ago.

The next morning he was gone, but he came back Sunday evening for a snooze, again he let me approach and I sat with him for some time listening to his laboured breath. I decided if he was still with us in the morning I would take him to the vets. He wasn’t, and we didn’t see him again until last night when his nose poked through the cat flap as we got home from our night out.

This morning I got up early and found him still in the house. I locked the catflap and made a phone call to the vets. On examining him the vet gave a poor prognosis, it was highly likely that he was in the later stages of either feline leukemia or feline aids, as well as being riddled with fleas and all the diseases they carry. They could do tests, but she didn’t hold out much hope, the kindest thing to do would be to put him to sleep. The likelihood is, whatever he has, the other cat is infected with too.

I am seething with anger at whoever let these cats get into this state. They clearly have not been strays all their lives, they are clearly getting food somewhere other than here (the other cat only just fits through the cat flap), why am I the only person who is willing to take some responsibility for them? Not only have I spent £70 getting this cat looked at and put to sleep (I don’t begrudge the money, it’s the fact I had to do it), I am now going to be spending my day de-fleaing the house, and spending more on a mirco-chip activating cat flap (my Wills will not keep a collar on) so the other cat can no longer gain entry and possibly infect my two.

I take care of my two cats, I ensure they are spayed, micro-chipped, flead, wormed, vaccinated and insured, not just because I want them to live long and healthy lives, but so that they don’t have unwanted kittens or endanger any other cat they come across. The PDSA is there for those who cannot afford to pay for all this themselves. There is absolutely no reason why any animal should be left to get in a state such as this. I’m not really sure why I am so surprised, people are unable to take responsibility for their own children, so why should I expect them to take care of a pet? I don’t know, but I do, and I’m blumming angry. So there.

Rant over. Cleaning commences.