Ever have one of those days where you wake up and just know it’s gonna be a bad day?

After a restful, lazy day yesterday, I was looking forward to having an energised, productive day today. It started off badly when I woke up at 7am thinking how nice it would have been to have just had one hour’s extra sleep. I rolled over and woke again at 11am. This never happens – unless, of course, I want to get up early.

I decided I was going to start the day as I had planned anyway and go to the gym. Clearly, this would be the time that my back started playing up. Well good, I thought, what a great excuse to get in the sauna and steam room while I’m there. As I live close to the gym I usually just throw my clothes on over the top of my gym kit and head on out, getting a shower when I get back home. But a steam room and sauna jaunt requires a little more planning.

The facilities are mixed, so a swim suit is required. Now, seeing as I managed to break both my feet on separate occasions last year, it’s been an awful long time since I went swimming, could I find my swim suit? could I buggery. Getting more and more frustrated, with some extra yelling at my husband, (sorry husband) I pulled out drawers and swept clothes off shelves in an effort to find the darn thing.

Eventually, I managed to cobble together a couple of pieces that would pass as a swim ‘suit’, and headed gymwards a whole hour after I had started getting ready. But wait, no, the day hadn’t finished throwing stumbling blocks at me yet. You see, the other day, I had staggered home a little the worse for alcohol and just thrown my keys down wherever I happened to land. So the second scavenger hunt of the day started.

I almost just abandoned my gym plans altogether, except that that would just make the day even more of a waste than it already was. So I got there, manoeuvred around the idiots that just came to hang around and chat, plugged The Killers in loud and sweat my frustrations out. It wasn’t long before the endorphins kicked in and the black mood began to lift. A nice relaxing sauna, steam room and shower and I was ready to start the day over. Except that it was five in the afternoon already.

So I head for the door with a bounce in my step only to find: world of white. This just completed my bad day. All I wanted to do, was get home and crack open a tin of nice cold Strongbow. Even in that I am defeated due to a self-imposed month long detox in preparation to forthcoming weekend of debauchery that is Breakout Farewell.

I’m not even really happy with this blog, but if I leave it until tomorrow, it will only ruin that day too, so here’s to tomorrow. Another day. Hope it works out better.

In honor of today, here’s a little ditty by my favorite happy folks: Depeche Mode.