Music has always been my first love. If you believe what my mum tells you as soon as I could walk and talk I toddled around the house refusing to answer to anything but Ringo. I was brought up on a mixture The Beatles, Elvis Costello and 70’s punk rock. I rarely remember the TV being on at home, but there was always music and as soon as I was old enough I had my own record player and was singing along to Adam and the Ants, Frankie Goes to Hollywood and Stiff Little Fingers in my bedroom.

Over the years there’s always been one band that has grabbed my attention above all others to the point where my obsessive nature takes a hold and I live and breathe them. First it was Adam and the Ants, then it was Ultravox, and Depeche Mode have always bubbled along in the background, but came to the fore around 1991, then there was a long barren period where nothing really stuck out until one day back 2004, I was listening to the radio and a song popped up that just grabbed me.

The words “Somebody told me, you had a boyfriend, who looked like a girlfriend, that I had in February of last year,” sprung out at me over an eclectic mix of 80’s synth pop, brit pop and stadium rock that somehow, combined together, equalled awesome tuneage.

Being an impulsive kind of a girl, I learned who they were, grabbed their debut album, Hot Fuss and I was hooked. Boy had it been a long time since I had purchased an album without a duff track on it. Somewhere in the depths of Las Vegas, three guys of a similar age group to me and the younger brother of a guy of a similar age group to me had all grown up listening to and being influenced by the very same music as I had, and banded together to make EXACTLY the kind of music I wanted to hear. Who knew?

I had a whole lot more to say, but really, it was only gonna be interesting to me, so here’s how it is:

I love The Killers. I love them because their music is melodic and powerful and raunchy and romantic all at the same time. I love them because they put on a live show like no-one else I have ever seen, they make you feel like you are part of something even if you are 5,000 people back, they put every ounce of their energy into making it feel fresh despite having done it 100 times before. They make a beautiful noise, at one with the crowd, and lost in the moment. It’s like crack, I walk out of those gigs feeling such a euphoric high I would go to any lengths to get it again (hence the spontaneous trip to Germany last year!).

I love them because they are not afraid of hard work, they built their success from the ground up, playing in clubs and bars and playing and playing and playing until someone took notice. And then they played some more. It seems to be a rare occurence these days.

I love them because they never forget their roots, both their roots in their home town of Vegas, where they all still live, and their roots in Britain as the place that influenced them musically and gave them their chance. I love them because, despite being international rock gods, they take the time to ensure their fans get something personal and exclusive from their fan club.

I love them because they are not afraid take risks to stay fresh, making each album distinctively Killers and yet distinctively different at the same time, when it would be so much easier to just churn out Hot Fuss 2, 3, 4 and 5. They continue to make the music they believe in rather than the music that is expected of them, despite never quite reaching the dizzy heights of success they had with Hot Fuss.

I love them because they are not afraid to take a well-earned hiatus, like right now. They have worked non-stop for 7 years, I think they deserve a break. Take your time boys, come back fresh, I can’t wait to hear what you do next.