I woke up this morning and, after I’d shaken off the central heating hangover, I was in another inexplicably good mood. Pulling on clothes and pulling up the blinds revealed another gloriously sunny day, and it suddenly clicked. It’s been so long since I’ve seen one that I’d forgotten what a good mood a sunny day will put me in. And it’s been sunny now for at least three or four days, the same amount of time that I have had this nonsensical feeling of happy.

My mood has always been affected by the weather, rain and dank, dark cloudy days make me miserable, the wind makes me irritable (wind *and* rain is the red alert to stay away from angry maniacal Cider!) and the sun cheers me up no end.

I’m sure it’s not just me, people in general are just happier when the sun shines, it brightens the place up a bit and gives you warmth, life and vitamin D. This, however, seems to be where the similarities end. I know so many people who love the sound of the rain lashing against the window and the wind howling around the house, it makes them feel all warm and snuggly while they are curled up in bed. Not so for me, it makes me feel all cold and murderous as I am lying awake wishing it would go away so I could get some damn sleep.

I did started going on about Vitamin D, serotonin and positive and negative ions, but frankly it all got a little dull so I’ll just end with:

The sun shines. I’m happy. Keep it up.