I have utterly failed in any blogging inspiration today. Don’t get me wrong, I have subjects aplenty that I want to blog about, some that have been spinning around my head for days, I just haven’t had the time to sit and compose anything blogworthy around those subjects.

So I’ll tell you a little something that made me laugh at work today. The stupidity of drunks rarely fails to amuse, and, other than the belly laugh that is someone falling over, the most reliably amusing drunk is the one that thinks he can hide.

Tonight, chase was given to a group of revellers who had thought fit to shove a broken glass into someone’s face in a bar. As they scattered, the CCTV controllers tried to keep track of their whereabouts as they were rounded up. We lost track of one of them who was the first to make off, but soon picked him up squatting down behind a car, with the police just metres away from him on the other side. He kindly remained there, congratulating himself on fooling the boys in blue while I directed officers right to him. Boy did he look surprised when the word’s ‘you’re nicked me old son’ resounded in his ears.

I’ve watched similar scenarios many times over the years and I do always wonder what goes through their head when they are nabbed from their seemingly perfect place of hiding. “Those police are sly boys, they always seem to know exactly where you are hiding, it’s like they have a sixth sense. ” You’d have thought the word would have gotten out by now.