Returning from my meal break and sitting at a new desk, I noticed my keyboard was broken. Nothing major, but the poor thing was legless. I just can’t work that way.

So I approached the supervisor for a new one, as I was making off with it he kindly suggested that I needn’t hesitate to ask if I had any problems connecting it. Now this would be condescending enough in normal circumstances, but as connecting the keyboard consists of plugging it into an extension cable which sits on the desk, the same extension cable from which I removed the other keyboard just moments ago, I did wonder just how incapable he thought I really was.

My job involves the interrogation and monitoring of up to 11 different systems at the same time across 4 screens, but I can’t simply plug one piece of cable into another? I mean surely I plug in the iron and my hairdryer every day, right?

Things really haven’t changed so much when it comes to men’s attitude towards women and technology have they? I remember being 21 (on reading the remainder of this entry you’ll realise just how remarkable that feat is on it’s own) and excitedly purchasing my very first separates stereo. It consisted of an amplifier, twin cassette player, compact disc player, record player, radio and surround sound speakers, all of which were magically linked together with wires to create one complete stereo.

Being an impatient sort of a girl I wanted to take my purchase home and set it up immediately for my (and my parents’ and neighbours’) listening pleasure. The nice retail manager looked at me aghast; take it home? Set it up yourself? No, no, no, no, no, you just run along now little girl and we’ll send a man along to do it for you. I was so insistent that I had bought and paid for my new stereo and wanted use of it right away, and the manager was so aghast at the thought of a young girl having such a lot of technology in her hands that he even agreed to have it delivered and set up that same day.

So I waited at home and sure enough along came the technician and set my stereo up for me. He carefully explained what a remote control was for and left me to my own devices, probably wondering what on earth a girl was doing with a Sega Megadrive in her bedroom.

Giddy with the thought of pristine surround sound, I popped in a CD and waited. Surround sound there was not, in fact there was no sound at all, because the technician had totally botched the job and there was no magical linking between all the different components.

With a sigh, I picked up the instruction books, pulled the wires from the back and started from scratch. This little girl had it up and running perfectly within 30 minutes having never had any experience of a separates system before, which is more than I can say for the technician who was supposedly around the technological marvels on a daily basis. I even went as far as connecting the video up to the amp so I could have movie magic in surround sound too.

My supervisor didn’t mean any harm by what he said, he’s a very nice man and just said it to be helpful. Which is kinda my point, men, in general, still have it ingrained into them that women, in general, can’t and really wouldn’t want to, deal with technology. Or maybe I just take it for granted that sticking two cables together is a simple task.

Disclaimer (male version): This blog is not aimed at YOU. The blogger is well aware that YOU would never underestimate the intellect of woman, you accept that women can fix more than just lunch and you follow Felicia Day on Twitter.

Disclaimer (female version): This blog is not aimed at YOU. The blogger accepts that brunch dates are important, that not all women want to play with computers and does not think you are stupid because you can’t wire a plug and have never heard of Felicia Day. Or Twitter.