Thursdays are, it seems, not a good day for blogging. I have once again had many blog inspirations but not had the time to put them into coherent form. So I apologise in advance for the nonsensical effort below.

Tomorrow will mark the end of a thing I longed for since May 2004. Tomorrow the final episode of Dollhouse will air. I remember vividly the phone message I received in February 2004 with the hilarious news that Angel had been cancelled. I remember the 5 long years of Whedon-free TV. I mainly remember those things because the day Angel was cancelled also happened to be the day I became ill and spent five long years in a small hell-dimension of my very own.

I also remember vividly touching down in Los Angeles, one sunny November afternoon in 2007, to the news that Fox had not only greenlit, but ordered seven episodes of a new Joss Whedon show. Sixteen months of highs and lows later, in February 2009, the very same week that my doctor gave me the all clear, Dollhouse premiered.

Dollhouse, much like my emotions, has been something of a 12 month rollercoaster ride. Despite tomorrow’s impending doom, and probable apocolypse-filled finale, I feel a kind of peace and calm, and an incredible amount of happy I have not felt for an alarmingly long time. Tomorrow, the Dollhouse story will be wrapped up, and so will a part of my life I never thought I would be truly rid of.

Somehow my health and Joss Whedon’s TV shows have become inexplicably entwined, so for my sake Joss, please go to cable next time.