Apologies in advance for typos, writing this on my iPhone. I will tidy it up when I get home.

I have been sitting at work for the last several hours trying to compose a oneaday blog whilst being distracted by people wanting me to actually do what I am being paid to. The annoying part is that, whilst in the shower, I had plotted out a rather nice entry which I could have rattled off smartly if I hadn’t had to go to work.

Plan B was to use the work’s ‘Internet cafe’ to find some quiet time to write in my meal break. The fates being against me the ‘cafe’ was, of course, out of order and I am now unable to concentrate long enough to make the remnants of my blog idea make any kind of sense.

Instead I am going to relay a little a little work anecdote for your amusement.

Whilst at work one day I had occasion to ring back a customer to update them on the progress of their complaint. A small child answered the phone and I asked the little darling if I could speak to their mother. The imp confronted me with “Who is it?” I have to confess, I was a little stumped; if I say my name neither child or mother will be any the wiser, but should I announce my job to a small child? Needing a snap decision, I decided to go with honesty, you should never lie to a child after all.

“It’s the police,” I replied.

“No it isn’t,” retorted the child. I had neither the time or the inclination to have this argument, so I responded rather sternly.

“Yes it is, now put your mother on the phone.”

There was a pause. And then a sob. And then a very tearful “Muuuuummmyyy.” As Muuuuummyyy came to the phone I could hear the child seemingly heartbroken in the background over my stifled laughs.

Turns out, earlier that day the child had been misbehaving and mother had admonished her offspring by threatening to call the authorities and have them taken away should the unruly behaviour persist. Unfortunately, mum did have cause to call the authorities that day and child was convinced I was going to take them away.

I think that particular theat will carry a whole lot more weight in the future.