I initially started this oneaday blog to challenge myself a little. I’ve dabbled in blogging a little over the years and I always start out with an enthusiasm that wanes after just a few short weeks and ultimately is forgotten about.

I’ve always enjoyed writing and would probably have undertaken a career in journalism had my school careers advisor not put me down so completely with her, ‘don’t get ideas above your station, it’s the factory for you, kid’ attitude, that I never wanted to go to a place of learning again.

My problem with blogging has always been trying to think of something to write that may be of the vaguest interest to other people. Give me a subject I have a passing knowledge about and I will write away for way too long about it.

Recovering from a long-term illness, and the prospect of turning 40 this year, has left me flailing about looking for a new direction in my life. The problem is not finding one, it’s picking just one out of the many things I would love to do before I retreat kicking and screaming into infirmity.

When Rhiarti tweeted that the Oneaday Project needed just one more blogger and then there would be 30, it crossed my mind that doing that would enable me to put a huge tick against ‘something to do with writing’, whilst also leaving me time to work on the rest of the list. A couple of tweets back and forth and ‘how on earth am I going to think of something worth writing about every day’ soon turned into ‘what a great challenge to my much under-used brain’.

My mother nurtured me in a ‘wow, aren’t you brilliant and did you do that all by yourself’ kind of way, which actually had the effect of leaving me with self-doubt rather than self-confidence about any particular skill or talent I might have. The only people who have ever read any recreational writing of mine have been my mother and my husband. One of whom generally responds to even the biggest load of drivel as being excellent and the other in monosyllables. I have been overwhelmed by the lovely, lovely feedback I have gotten in just three days of writing this blog. It has spurred me on to write a short piece for a something else, which I have also got lovely feedback from, it has made me more determined to keep challenging myself to come up with new bloggable topics everyday and to keep on trying to improve my writing skills.

I thank you all for this and please let me know if I am failing, I don’t bite hard and I do accept negative criticism as well as positive.